Twas the Night Before Spring Semester


Twas the night before Spring semester when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring except my computer mouse

The syllabi were stacked in my briefcase with care

In hopes that in classrooms students would be there.

The students were nervously fidgeting in their dorms

With visions of quizzes, exams, and add-drop forms.

I pounding the laptop instead of good sleep

As I retype corrupted lesson plans, wanting to weep

When all of a sudden I see an alarm ignored for an hour

My laptop’s charger is missing and I’m low on power.

Away to my briefcase I flew like a flash

Ran into a chair and tripped on my sash

As I fell howling, grasping my knee

I recall I live in Edmond and my charger’s in Shawnee

I scramble back to my bed in a furious rave

Its too late, my computer dead, I forget to save.

Defeated, I pondered upon my unfortunate lots

Oh well, first day of class, I’ll just get them donuts.


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