Tales from an Ethical Hacker


multimedia01-8262013Many have already started their Christmas shopping but who can forget last year’s holiday season. Target suffered a major hack that stole debit and credit data for around 40 million accounts. This year has seen several major hacks. Around February, 233 million user on Ebay had their information stolen. During the summer, Healthcare.gov had a security breach. In September, Home Depot warned that 56 million accounts were at risk due to hacking. August saw hacker access and distribute hundreds of personal photos of celebrities on the website 4chan. And just last week, a hacker group called Guardians of Peace targeted Sony Pictures. In addition, to sending threatening messages to Sony employees, the group stole an estimated 100 terrabytes of sensitive data from the company.


 00113.mp4.Still001There are certainly those online who aim to do harm. These malicious hackers, called black hats, work alone or in groups tosteal finances, information, or just create chaos. However, the government and private companies have found the best way to combat black hats is with ethical hackers, also known as white hats. This digital warfare is fought between black and white hats online, everyday.


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